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Our core areas of expertise are:

Partnering with Your Property Advocate

Navigating the property market can be very difficult, which is why the property specialists at Your Property Advocate want to do all the hard work for you. Selling, buying or renting a property is one of the biggest and most important financial decisions you may make. It is absolutely necessary that you fully understand your options before you proceed. Before you go ahead and buy, sell or rent a property, you need someone who has done all the research, understands the technicalities of the industry, and has real estate experience and inside knowledge to guide you in the right direction.


Buying property is often the single biggest purchase you will ever make.  Your Property Advocate can reduce the stress, uncertainty, emotional pressure and time when buying a property.


Selling your home or investment property is one of the most important financial decisions you will make.  It can be a stressful and difficult time, we help take the stress and pressure out of selling.


Renting a home can be a time consuming exercise and if you are located interstate or overseas it can be extremely difficult.  We’re on the ground here searching to find you the right property.

Take the stress and uncertainty out of your next property transaction with your own personal Property Advocate from YPA.

We deliver a professional, comprehensive service that gives you access to:

Knowledge and Experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, working together with hundreds of clients to buy, sell & rent property all around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Take a look at our portfolio for just some of the recent properties we’ve successfully helped our clients with. By partnering with our fully licensed expert Property Advocates you’ll gain from our inside knowledge, professional advice and be able to benefit from our experience and make the right property decisions.

A Carefully Planned Strategy

We work very closely with you to develop a measured strategy that aligns with your property goals and delivers the outcome you need to achieve your dreams. It’s not productive or effective to rush into a decision when you’re looking to buy, sell or rent a property. This is why we take the time to carefully access your goals, needs and destination with you so we know exactly what we’re working to achieve and how best to approach the market on your behalf.

A Professional on Your Side

At YPA you’ll have an expert on your side who specialises in property and understands how to best achieve your goals. We have extensive experience working with both buyers and sellers. Most importantly, we never work with both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. This ensures, that whether you are buying, selling or renting, your best interests will always be put first and all our dealings are made to benefit you. In short, we are working exclusively for YOU.

The Best Results

Our ultimate goal is always to get you the best deal in your property transaction. If you’re buying, we’ll help you find and secure your dream property. If you’re selling, we’ll take away the pressure and get you the result you want. If you’re renting, we’ll help you source and obtain the right property that meets all your needs.

It can be very difficult and stressful trying to get an edge in today’s property market. That’s why YPA is on your side and we strive to get you the best result possible. Have a look at some of our recent testimonials from our very satisfied clients to see just how we can help you.

PROPERTY ADVOCACY SERVICES  At YPA we specialise in premium property advocacy services to help buy, lease or sell your property in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our goal is to achieve a successful property transaction on your behalf.

Vendor Advocacy

Our Vendor Advocacy service is 100% free to use and provides expert independent advice on all aspects of selling your home or investment property. You may just want help choosing the right agent to sell your property, or prefer to utilise our full vendor advocacy service where we look after you throughout the whole selling process from start to finish.

Buyer’s Agent

Our Buyer’s Agent service provides professional expert advice for those looking to purchase residential property. We offer a range of services from negotiation and auction bidding right through to our full and comprehensive buyer’s agent service.

Overseas & Expat Buyers

Our Overseas & Expat Buyers service provides individually tailored and specialised advice for those looking to purchase a property from outside Australia. You’ll benefit from our local knowledge and experience, from initial inspections to final negotiations we’ll ensure a smooth and simple acquisition process.

Tenant Representation

Our Tenant Representation service provides valuable independent advice and leg work when you are looking to secure a home to lease. You may live interstate or overseas and are unable to inspect local properties, or you may be just too busy with everyday commitments, so we’re here on the ground to assist you with your next move.

Our Process

Our areas of expertise cover your entire property transaction, whether it be the initial agent selection, property acquisition, strategic management or negotiation.

Agent Selection

We can assist you to choose the best agent to sell your property, whether you just need help with the initial selection or would prefer our full vendor advocacy service. We have professional relationships with many reputable agents, and will ensure you find the right one to sell your property..

Property Acquisition

We can help you secure the right property at the right price, whether you are looking for a home, an investment property or a development opportunity. We can even show you properties before they are officially put on the market, giving you the chance to secure the best properties before anyone else.

Strategic Management

We can develop clear strategies to navigate you successfully through your property transaction, whether you are buying, selling or renting. Our specially tailored advice and guidance is carefully planned and thought out to recognise your individual requirements and achieve the best possible result.


We negotiate with agents, buyers and sellers every day of the week to make sure your property transaction is successful. We'll give you expert advice so you can make informed decisions, and with our measured approach and proven negotiation strategies you'll be able to get the result you're after.tyont

We Can Help With..


Renting a property comes with many of the same difficulties as buying one, and finding the right rental property for can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating task. However, with a dedicated Property Advocate on your side the whole process can be stress free and rewarding. We take care of sourcing, inspecting and evaluating potential properties that meet your criteria until we find you the right one. We guide you through the leasing process with our superior skills and service, assisting you the whole way. We source, inspect and evaluate all property types, whether you want a house, unit, apartment or executive residence. Our experience working with all types of properties ensures we’re able to cover the market thoroughly and provide you with some fantastic rental options.


Buying a home or investment property is a major financial decision that needs to be done with care and thought. Without industry experience and knowledge, it is very difficult to navigate the real estate market and secure the right property. Your exclusive Property Advocate will oversee the entire buying process for you and help you find the property of your dreams. We will share our inside knowledge with you, analyse the current market conditions, source and inspect properties that meet your criteria, give you access to properties that haven’t officially been placed on the market yet, and negotiate or bid on your behalf.  

Buying a property on your own – What Can Go Wrong? Buying a property without professional advice can lead to a lot of serious problems along the way. Without having one of our expert Property Advocates on hand you could end up falling into one of these common traps;

  1. Paying more than the property is worth. If you don’t have an understanding of the current market conditions you could end up paying a lot more for a property than what it’s actually worth. Properties need to be properly inspected and evaluated by a skilled assessor with significant property knowledge to ensure that it is worth the asking price. If it’s not, you need to know how much it’s actually worth so you don’t offer the seller too much.
  2. Poor quality properties. When you’re inspecting a property there are a number of aspects that are very important to check, such as the building’s structural integrity, the water pressure and plumbing, council notices about the local area and any sign of water or pest damage, amongst other things. If you’re not aware of these issues or don’t know how to get them properly checked, you could risk buying a property that is in poor condition and will cost you a lot of time and money to fix.
  3. Dishonest sellers. Buying a property without professional credentials behind you could lead to sellers taking advantage of you. If you don’t have the proper skills and experience in the property market, you could very easily fall victim to substandard legal contracts or unethical behaviour, such as the removal of fixtures and fittings that are required to be left behind, or damage to the property after contracts have been exchanged.
  4. Complex contracts and paperwork. Just like when you’re selling a property, buying a property comes with complicated legal contracts and paperwork that need to be filled out correctly. You need to be able to fully understand the terminology and processes so that you can properly negotiate and make sure your terms are met.


Selling your home or investment property can be a long, complicated process. You may be thinking; “Can you really help me?”.
At YPA, we absolutely can. We’ll not only find you the best agent to sell your property, we can also oversee the entire selling process from beginning to end until you get the result you want. Let us take the stress and pressure away and make the process as simple as possible.

Our experts are on hand to educate and inform you about the process from start to finish including information about the market, advising you about how to add value to your property, and how to set an achievable price.

Doing It on Your Own – What Can Go Wrong?

Trying to sell your property on your own without a proper understanding of the market and how to position your property within it, too often leads to numerous problems and costly mistakes. There are many pitfalls that can cause long term damage when selling your own home.

  1. Getting emotionally involved. As a home owner, it is difficult for you to view the property objectively and see the transaction from a purely financial perspective. You would have created many personal memories in your home, and you may not be able to distance yourself from the emotions you have invested in it. This can lead to you setting unachievable goals and being overly-selective with potential buyers.
  2. Setting an unrealistic price. Without the knowledge of the current property market and an impartial idea of the value of your home, you won’t have the ability to set an appropriate price for your property that will generate interest from potential buyers without turning them away. Overpricing your home will rule out a large percentage of interested buyers, while under-pricing it will result in a smaller profit than what you could have achieved.
  3. Poor marketing. If you don’t employ sufficient and well-targeted marketing and advertising for your property, it won’t reach your intended audience and will result in less opportunities for a sale.
    Some of these methods can include internet listings, media advertising, printing and signs, and these overall costs can be very high if you don’t have professional contacts and industry knowledge.
  4. Not preparing your property for sale. Your home needs to be well presented to increase buyer interest, without the proper experience and knowledge in preparing and staging homes for inspections you can lose many potential buyers. Your familiarity with your home means it will be difficult for you to recognise problem areas, or areas that need maintenance or improvement.
  5. Complex contracts and paperwork. Selling a property is a legal transaction that requires complex formal paperwork, having an understanding of the legal process will help you get an advantage in negotiations and avoid the consequences of signing a contract you don’t fully understand.

With YPA you can be sure you won’t fall into any of these traps. We’ll find the best agents available for you to choose from, and keep a keen eye on their dealings to ensure the process is done properly and the way you want. We’ll arrange the sale of your house the same way we would if we were selling our own.


Find and secure your ideal property


Sell with less pressure and stress for a better price


We’re local to source you the right property


That's what you get at Your Property Advocate

In today’s complex and ever changing real estate market, having a property advocate on your side will give you the edge over your competition.  Whether you’re buying, selling or leasing we’ll help you get the best possible result.

By engaging YPA to assist you with your property needs, you’re taking back control and the first steps towards a successful outcome.

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